Advertising Ideas
Business Cards
Business Cards are an inexpensive, and very effective way to get customer traffic to your website. When making business cards, make sure you put your business website on them, including the dot com name, phone number and your name.
Work with your local printer to create eye-catching flyers with your dot com name on it to attract customers to your website.
Word of Mouth
Word of mouth is a great way to create a traffic flow to your website. Tell everyone that you sell suits, and that your business has a website for easy ordering and catalog browsing.
Coupons and Sales
Make coupons and sales to create customer incentive to buy more suits. When you have customer emails and phone numbers you will be able to communicate with them and let them know when you have a sale.
Mailer Campaigns
Collect customers home addresses so you can send out mailer campaigns directly to their houses to let them know of special deals and upcoming sales events on your website.
Ads in local newspapers
Take out small, inexpensive ads in local newspapers to attract customers to your website.
Ads in church newsletters
Church newsletters are another great way to let people know about your website. Take out small advertising areas in your church newsletter to attract customers to your website.

It Takes Time...
The most important tip for any business is that it takes time. Even with a website, business is not instantly increased or completely successful. A business is an investment, which grows over time. As you advertise in your area, and are in business for a longer amount of time, customers will begin to know and recognize your dot com name. After a few months, your business name will be in their mind whenever they think of suits. The most important thing to remember is repetition: always tell your customers your dot com name, as you say it over and over again, they will begin to remember it.

Just Wait Until...
Just wait until the Holidays. Most holiday seasons you will see shopping increase to 3 times as much before the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mothers Day are the most profitable times and these fashions are designed directly for those holidays. Also, remember to target your advertising for these holidays. Lots of people are looking for these exact fashions to wear during these holidays.

You Might Want To...
You might want to take the pricing off of your website as the holidays approach. Pricing is a good way to keep online customers satisfied. BUT, with the holidays coming up, take off the pricing to increase call volumes, and give your customers better prices to make more sales. Also, talking to your customer always gives you the opportunity to sell more suits.

Let People Know...
Tell everyone about your website. If people don't know about it, you won't get any business. The biggest mistake many people make with online businesses is that they expect it to become a success on its own. Every successful website or online business has a successful advertising campaign, and a big part of successful advertising is telling people about it.

Make presentations for church and choir groups or any conventions. If you know of an upcoming church event, get in contact with local church leaders and let them know you can supply the suits for their events. You can make copies of the homepage of your website, copies of your online catalog pages, and let them know you can work out good pricing for them. By doing this, you will also let them know that you will be their supplier for suits in the future.

Make Partnerships...
You can make partnerships with ambitious people in your area who can help you make more sales. You can share profit, or give them a percentage of the sale every time someone buys a suit because of them.

Referral Program...
A great way to help increase sales is a referral program. You can easily set this up by letting your customers know that if they refer a friend to you who buys a suit, they will get 5% off their next order.