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Church Clothes for Women

Church Clothes for Women

Sophisticated Church Clothes for Women

Tired of cycling through the same church clothes for women every week? Elevate your Sunday style with our huge selection of women’s church outfits. Love color, patterns, or sparkle? Or do you prefer timeless and classic looks? We’ve got something for all women, church wear for any style, and classic looks for every occasion. Our high-quality products can be worn for more than church — they’re designed for all of life’s precious moments.     

Types of Women’s Church Outfits

Not sure what kind of outfit you need? Here’s a breakdown of some of our most popular church clothes for women.

Formal Two and Three-Piece Suits

When it comes to formal church attire, female church go-ers never need to sacrifice style for modesty with Donnie’s Dresses. And the great thing about Donnie’s church outfits is that you can also wear them to any formal event outside of church. Our two and three-piece suits include skirts of mid or ankle length, as well as full-length dress options. Jackets and cardigans of various colors, cuts, and styles complete these suits. Matching hats are available for a truly coordinated ensemble.

For example, peplum style blazers flare out at the waist, making them a flattering option for all body types. Select flared sleeves or straight. Choose a collared jacket for a business casual look or go collarless for a more laid back approach. Opt for a jacket with modesty panels, or wear your own shirt underneath. Our two and three-piece formal suits look great with flats or pumps so you can alternate based on the occasion. Our collection church attire for ladies features buttons, embellishments, and patterns that help you express your unique personality.  


Knits are dresses and suits for those who want that extra softness from their clothing. Knits can be lightweight for warm temperatures, or a heavier fabric for cooler weather. Even in mild weather, heavier knits are a good idea — while that church ambiance is always warm, sometimes the air conditioning is set a little too low! 

We believe that there is a unique light in every woman. Church clothes should reflect your personal style, showing off what makes you special. That’s why knit skirt sets at Donnie’s Dresses offer a variety of options, including rhinestones and pearl trim. Choose a button down knit dress with pockets to go with a cardigan or jacket. Or select a knit dress with fun, flared sleeves. There is so much to choose from, so start shopping and find your style today!   


Our formal wear will have you looking like royalty. But sometimes, casual church outfits for ladies work just as well. A whimsical pattern, a simple, lightweight fabric, or an extra flowy cut can keep you feeling comfortable and looking great. If you want to try something new, our casual dress and skirt set offerings are the perfect combination for an elevated casual look. 

Innovative denim dresses show that denim can be dressed up when worn as a skirt set with a fitted jacket. Dark or white wash denim comes in the form of belted, collared, and buttoned-up dresses. Asymmetrical tops and high-low skirts add funky flair. At Donnie’s Dresses we offer endless choices because we know that for the modern woman, church attire is an expression of personality and strength.

Shop by Season or By Designer

Search our collections by season. You will find that many of our church clothes for women are versatile enough to be worn in multiple seasons. But to help narrow your search right off the bat, shop by spring, summer, fall, or winter collections for this year.   

You can also browse church wear for ladies by designer. For example, if you’re looking for a variety of fabrics including linen, stretchy, and silky suits, browse Lily and Taylor’s. You’ll also find fabulous floral embroidery, lacy accents, and zippered pieces. Are puffy sleeves, checkerboard, or polka dots more your style? Shop dresses by Tally Taylor and Chancele. The Diana Collection features fun tulle skirts, mermaid style skirts, A-line dresses, and more. 

Timeless Church Outfits for Women
Sophisticated church clothes for women should be stylish and comfortable, but also make you feel confident. When you feel your best, you can give your best to others. 

No matter the occasion — whether it be a wedding, work event, or weekly Sunday service — we’ve got a wide selection of formal and casual dresses and suits. The quality, timeless pieces you will find at Donnie’s Dresses are designed to be worn again and again. Find your next church outfit today!

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